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Jura 15089 GIGA W3 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine, Silver

Jura 15089 Giga

I was excited to discover this Jura coffee machine on Amazon.  Over the past year I have gone from never drinking coffee to drinking coffee 1 to 2 times per day.  I will have to admit that I don't really care for the taste that much.  I drink it strictly for the caffeine.  I drink chilled canned Starbuck's Espresso which is just not that tasty.  Although not the tastiest beverage it has a very high caffeine count and I can take it out of the fridge and have my buzz in about 2 minutes.  It takes so much more time to make a nice pot of coffee or a cup of expresso.  When I go out and have a nice cup of coffee at a restaurant or even at Starbucks I do appreciate it but it is just such a pain in the city.  We don't have the fancy starbucks drivethroughs and our starbucks don't have parking lots.
We need to double park and hope for the best.
Knowing that I like the taste of good coffee, I started looking into what it would take to make it in home.  I did the research and decided on the Jura 15089.  I was all set to purchase and I learned that I was not allowed to use any more of the counter space.  My dreams of owning the Jura machine were thrown out in just one sentence.  I agree that we don't really have room but we have room for a toaster oven.  Can't we get rid of that for some good coffee.
Now the reason I have a link to the Jura machine is because unlike a lot of their machines you see for sale.  These Jura machines are shipped and sold by Amazon.  When you buy direct from Amazon you know you will get an unopened brand new working product and that if you have a problem, your refund is as easy as clicking a box.  For an expensive item like this, I would tend to trust  
I didn't give up on trying to get my coffee machine.  I tried a french press.  I tried someother manual device to make coffee.  I tried an inexpensive expresso machine and believe it or not we end up with a Kuerig.  I personally don't like it that much.  I prefer cold brewed coffee and expresso drinks.  My mother in law loves it.  We have the Keurig below.  It is super easy to use and you can buy the K-cups anywhere.  This is also the machine we use in the office at the furniture factory.  It is really expensive per cup if you don't look around.  You can find really good deals on cups on Amazon.  I will post a link right below the machine.  I wan to keep adding to this page featuring the best coffee options available on Amazon.  We have a comment section below, please consider contributing.
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