Chicago Reupholstery Services for Restaurants and Bars

Chicago Upholstery and Furniture Repair

We offer local restaurant re-upholstery services for Chicago and surrounding suburbs. 

Thank you for your interest in our upholstery services.  We specialize in the upholstery of the furniture we make, not necessarily the frames.  We thought we could offer our upholstery skills and services to repair items that are in the field.  Since this is so new, we are going to start out with a minimum order of $2500.00.

Please email several detailed pictures of the item you want reupholstered.  Please let him know how many units and where you are located.  We have always done reupholstery work for our clients.  We have repaired booths.  If the chairs or bar stools are in decent condition, we can reuse the wood and make a new seat using the old wood. 

If the seat is in bad shape, we can make a new one out of 5/8" plywood, cut new foam, and make a new seat.  You can take that the new seat and attach it to your original frame and your furniture will be like new. 

If you want us to work on the whole chair, we can do that too.  We can fix chips and issues with wood chairs and wood stools.  We can touch up your metal chairs and stools..  We can powder coat your frame a totally new color or add a clear coat.

Richardson Seating

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Chicago, IL 60612

With most restaurants closed or reducing their seating, now is the perfect time to get your chairs and bar stools reupholstered.  We carry the best commercial quality vinyl.  There is a good chance that you furniture will look better than when you bought it.  Please send us an email with pictures of your chairs, bar stools, and booths with quantities.  Our minimum order for reupholstery services is $2500.00. 1 Day service potentially available for restaurants that can't be without seating for even a day.  It will take some advance planning and some additional charges.