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Collection: Custom Logo Bar Stools

Custom logo bar stools with a 2 piece minimum. Made in Chicago, IL USA.

Are you looking for advertising for your company? Personalized bar stools might be just what you need, as they are the best way to advertise at the parts counter.  Richardson Seating’s logo bar stools advertise your company name, logo, or trademark for years on a an American made bar stool, and the best part is that we can personalize the logo bar stool in any way you like. Printed Stools are the perfect point of purchase advertisement tool for any sales process with a counter, and added to that logo seating is also great to have at your trade show booth. Give bar stools to your dealers and  put bar stools at your parts counters! Here are the artwork specifications for Richardson Seating's custom logo bar stools.

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  • Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1952
    Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1952-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1950
    Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1950-Richardson Seating
  • Chrome Logo Bar Stool - 1971
    Chrome Logo Bar Stool - 1971-Richardson Seating
  • Logo Table Set
    Logo Table Set-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1972
    Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1972-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1958
    Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1958-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1957
    Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1957-Richardson Seating
  • Logo Bar Stool - 2227
    Logo Bar Stool - 2227-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1657
    Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1657-Richardson Seating
  • Logo Replacement Seat
    Logo Replacement Seat-Richardson Seating
  • Logo Bar Stool Seat Cover
    Logo Seat Cover-Richardson Seating
  • Black Logo Bar Stool - 1950
    Black Logo Bar Stool - 1950-Richardson Seating
  • Logo Bar Stool - 1419
    Logo Bar Stool - 1419-Richardson Seating
  • Logo Diner Chair
    Logo Diner Chair-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1672
    Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1672-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1650
    Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1650-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1671
    Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1671-Richardson Seating
  • Logo Bar Stool - 1457
    Logo Bar Stool - 1457-Richardson Seating
  • Logo Bar Stool - 1472
    Logo Bar Stool - 1472-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Table
    Custom Logo Table-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool With Embroidered Back
    Bar Stool With Embroidered Back-Richardson Seating
  • Floor Mounted Logo Bar Stool
    Floor Mounted Logo Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Logo Bar Stool - 1471
    Logo Bar Stool - 1471-Richardson Seating
  • Donut Bar Stool - Blue with Red Donuts
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Custom Logo Bar stools

We can make custom bar stools with your logo, your trademark, or any other image that you would like to see. Our printed bar stools are printed using solvent ink so that the imprint goes deep into the material. Whether you use our logo stool as a parts counter stool or a garage stool, you will be happy with our quality. When getting a garage stool or a stool for your parts counter, it is crucial that you buy the correct height. Parts stools come in different heights. 90 percent of the printed stools we sell are 30 inches tall. We can also do custom height bar stools or customize the side of the seat. We can do custom color frames with an extensive line of powder coat colors that are available to us. We know custom printed bar stools and we look forward to helping your customer advertise at the parts counter using the best point of purchase advertising tool ever invented, the logo bar stool. While trade shows may not be in full swing right now, our logo bar stools are still selling quite well. Most companies that have a parts counter are considered essential businesses. While it may be a tough time, it is still a good time to advertise at the parts counter when people come in for pickups. We can print any product info or picture on the bar stool so it is a great way to let your customers know about new products when they are at the point of purchase of your customer.