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Collection: Beech Wood Chairs

Our Wood Chairs are assembled and stained in Chicago from European Beech. We reinforce our joints with metal brackets to ensure the chairs are sturdy. We offer lots of different upholstery options and many other stains. We show a few of our most popular upholstery options, but it is just a sample of what we can do. We specialize in upholstery, and we can turn an essential Beech Wood Chair into a work of art.
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  • Upholstered Beechwood Chair
    Upholstered Beechwood Chair-Richardson Seating
  • Lima Beech Wood Chair
    Lima Beech Wood Chair-Richardson Seating
  • Justin Beech Wood Chair
    Justin Beech Wood Chair-Richardson Seating
  • Lattice Back Beech Wood Chair
    Lattice Back Beech Wood Chair-Richardson Seating
  • Drake Beech Wood Chair
    Drake Beech Wood Chair-Richardson Seating
  • Bulldog School House Chair
    Bulldog School House Chair-Richardson Seating
  • Ladder Back Beech Wood Chair
    Ladder Back Beech Wood Chair-Richardson Seating

Beechwood Restaurant Chairs

Wood restaurant chairs made from Beech wood have been a staple in the restaurant industry for decades. The wood ladder back chair and the wood school house chair became really popular once the price was reduced from having them made in Eastern Europe. One of the best materials for making restaurant chairs is Beech or beechwood as its called in the states. Beech wood from Eastern Europe is one of the most popular woods to be used for furniture. It is not particular expensive and it is abundant. With a skilled labor force and high quality raw materials you will find a lot of the wood chairs in American restaurants are probably from Bulgaria or China. I am not sure why so much Beechwood comes from Bulgaria but that is just how it is. Beechwood Mountain is one of the largest and most established importers of Beechwood restaurant furniture. Our wood chairs for restaurants are very heavy duty and will last you for years in your restaurant. Our beechwood restaurant chairs are glued and stained in Chicago using European beech. We have many more styles of wood chairs and bars tools than we show on our website. We can alter the styles that you see and we have a bunch more styles that are similar. Beech wood is a very hard wood and it is not that expensive in Eastern Europe. That is why you see so many pieced of furniture that use beech in the foodservice industry. Even furniture coming out of China is often using European Beech. It gets sent to China where it gets shaped into parts. The parts are sent to the United States where they are glued together and stained. It is a crazy supply chain that somehow that is the most affordable way to Beech wood ladder back and school house chairs and stools.