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Collection: Logo Chairs

We can add logos to most of our chairs.  We can embroider, emboss, screen print, and digitally print.  One of our processes should work for your chair.  All of our logo chairs are commercial and suitable for restaurants or any other commercial establishment.  We have included all of our logo bar stools in this category in addition to our logo chair.
24 products
  • Clarin 3400 Sideline Chair
  • Logo Diner Chair
    Logo Diner Chair-Richardson Seating
  • Bar Stool With Embroidered Back
    Bar Stool With Embroidered Back-Richardson Seating
  • Logo Table Set
    Logo Table Set-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1952
    Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1952-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1950
    Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1950-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1957
    Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1957-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1958
    Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1958-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1972
    Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1972-Richardson Seating
  • Black Logo Bar Stool - 1950
    Black Logo Bar Stool - 1950-Richardson Seating
  • Chrome Logo Bar Stool - 1971
    Chrome Logo Bar Stool - 1971-Richardson Seating
  • Logo Bar Stool - 1419
    Logo Bar Stool - 1419-Richardson Seating
  • Logo Bar Stool Seat Cover
    Logo Seat Cover-Richardson Seating
  • Logo Replacement Seat
    Logo Replacement Seat-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1657
    Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1657-Richardson Seating
  • Logo Bar Stool - 2227
    Logo Bar Stool - 2227-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1672
    Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1672-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1650
    Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1650-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1671
    Custom Logo Bar Stool - 1671-Richardson Seating
  • Logo Bar Stool - 1457
    Logo Bar Stool - 1457-Richardson Seating
  • Logo Bar Stool - 1472
    Logo Bar Stool - 1472-Richardson Seating
  • Custom Logo Table
    Custom Logo Table-Richardson Seating
  • Floor Mounted Logo Bar Stool
    Floor Mounted Logo Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Logo Bar Stool - 1471
    Logo Bar Stool - 1471-Richardson Seating

Custom Logo Chairs and Logo Bar Chairs

Our logo chairs can be made in any color. We have many different styles of vinyl upholstered chairs that can have logos added to them. We offer Clarin Chairs' full line of high end team chairs, side chairs and folding chairs. We also add logos to our custom chrome diner chairs. Whether you want to add a logo to a bar stool, add a logo to a table or to a chair, we are your logo adding team. We have been putting logos on our furniture since 1975 when we put our first Ford Automotive logo on a bar stool. A logo folding chair is a great way to advertise your school at the sideline. You can also let local companies sponsor your school and put their names on the chair. We offer bar chairs with your company logo and we offer dining chairs. Since we make all of our chairs in house, you can select the color of the vinyl and the color of the piping to make a chair that is just as unique as you are.