Areas We Serve

We can ship worldwide.  This is a partial list of the areas that we service.  Richardson Seating manufactures in Chicago, Illinois and then ships via UPS, truck, airplane or boat depending on your needs.  We ship worldwide so our territory includes anywhere that we are allowed to ship by US law.  That includes all US states and territories and any nation that is not on some short list of enemy states.  We are a bar stool manufacturer that specializes in restaurant furniture including restaurant bar stools, restaurant table bases, and restaurant chairs.

We Ship To All 50 States Including:

The list below shows some of our favorite places to ship.  We ship restaurant furniture worldwide.  You can find our furniture in the following locations.

We are the leading manufacturer of decoratively upholstered restaurant furniture in the United States.  We operate a 75,000 square foot factory on the West side of Chicago where we operate a wood shop, metal shop, upholstery shop, and sewing..  We specialize in beautiful tightly pulled upholstery.  We use high pressure presses to compress the foam and then we pull it really tight using heat lamps if needed to stretch it out.  When we are done you will notice the difference because our product typically don't have wrinkles.  We hate wrinkle and we try very hard to avoid them in all the product that we make.  If we can't pull something tight enough, we often change the construction and ad an extra seam to make sure it will be tight.  We specialize in decorative upholstery styles like button tufting, nail head trim, channel tufting, and doing cut outs to the back rest.   All of our items can be altered to add piping, button tufting, channel tufting, French Seams, and nail head trim.  If you see a product that is almost perfect but you would like to change it, there is a very good chance that we can do it. We have a selection of Shop Stools that can be customized too.

We manufacturer all of our upholstered in Chicago.  In addition to our upholstered furniture, we are also carrying sideline folding chairs by Clarin Chairs and outdoor furniture by Emu.  Emu manufactures its line of outdoor restaurant furniture in Italy and stores it in Pennsylvania.  We can ship your order of out door restaurant chairs and outdoor restaurant bar stools.  We can help with restaurant booths, corner booths, diner booths, and retro booths.  Let us help you with anything front of house.  We manufacture our line of products in our factory in Chicago.  We have been at the same address since 1984 and we have been in business since 1975.  You can always trust Richardson Seating to take care of your commercial seating needs.

Now in 2022, you can trust Richardson Seating to navigate the worlds supply chain to bring you high quality restaurant furniture that won't take 28 weeks.