Videos of Richardson Seating Corporation

This video shows us when we were featured on the local channel 7 ABC News. It is about 5 minutes and gives you a really good idea of who we are. We were interviewed by Roz Varon about a special stool that we made for a project ABC 7 was working on.  Here is a link to the article that is still on ABC's website.

Here is a video of a new bar stool we made for a customer in Germany.  Our President, Scott Lichtenstein, has a few things to say about it.

Video of Scott describing our top selling logo bar stools.  He is at the PPAI show in Las Vegas for this video.  If you are considering our logo bar stools for yourself or for a client, you may want to watch this video.  Scott goes over the top 3 selling items that we make with logos.

Here is a 2 minute promotional video we made a few years back.  It gives a good idea of what our factory looks like and some of the processes we use to upholster furniture.  There are a lot of closeups for people sewing and upholstering.

We were featured on Made in Chicago a local Chicago TV show about 12 years ago.  Other than all of us getting older, not much has changed in the factory.  We still make the same chairs, the same stools, and the same custom logo bar stools.

This next video shows the president of the company, Scott Lichtenstein, when he was on Fox Business.  Fox Business was on location trying to demonstrate that demand for durable goods like furniture was increasing.  We aren't really sure hwo they found us or why they selected us but it was fun being on TV.

 This is a section of the website that we plan to continue enhancing.  As we get more videos of us making furniture, welding, sewing, and doing fancy upholstery we will post them on Youtube and add them to this section.  Since we make all of our restaurant furniture in Chicago, it is easy to get videos and pictures.  Every day someone is doing something new and cool.  We work with a lot of designers so we are often asked to adjust our bar stool by adding something or taking something away.  Often it creates a new style.  Our Chevy Diner chair was created because a diner in Russia wanted chairs to match their Chevy style booths.  We have no idea where in Russia so if you find them, please let us know.