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Collection: European Beech Wood Bar Stools

Our beech wood restaurant furniture line is available in a few styles with lots of possible variations. We have a ladder-back, a schoolhouse, and a lattice back. We can dress them up with upholstered seats or use a matching wood seat. All assembly and staining work is done in Chicago, so you get a better product than the standard import. The sky is the limit with these chairs. We can do pretty much anything regarding stain colors and upholstery options.
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  • Johanson Bar Stool
    Johanson Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Lattice Back Bar Stool
    Lattice Back Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Jerome Bar Stool
    Jerome Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Nickerbocker Bar Stool
    Nickerbocker Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Ladder Back Bar Stool
    Ladder Back Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Bulldog School House Bar Stool
    Bulldog School House Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Quincy Bar Stool
    Quincy Bar Stool-Richardson Seating
  • Drake Bar Stool
    Drake Bar Stool-Richardson Seating

Beech Wood Restaurant Bar Stools

We manufacture all of the most popular styles of wood bar stools and wood chairs for restaurants. Our wood furniture comes from Eastern Europe and uses Beech which is known for its strength, beauty, and affordability. Beech wood is a natural for wood restaurant bar stools. There are different types of Beech and there are different ways to dry the wood to make it stronger. We use the best quality beech wood for our beech wood bar stools. All staining and glue work on the restaurant bar stools is done in Chicago using the Eastern European parts. There is a lot of traveling but it is the best way to make high quality ladder back wood chair or school house wood chair and be able to sell them at rates competitive to an import.