Upholstery Vinyl Swatches

We stock the following upholstery vinyl patterns.  As you can see below, our leading suppliers are Naugahyde, Omnova, Spradling, Enduratex, and Nassimi.  Please click the links to see the individual patterns and colors.  Make sure to scroll down on the Omnova website to see more colors.

Grade  3: Enduratex Independence II
Grade  4: Spradling Patriot Plus
Grade  5: Naugahyde Spirit Millennium
Grade  7: Omnova Boltaflex Grand SierraNaugahyde English PubNassimi SeaquestOmnova Boltaflex ColorGuard
Grade 10: Naugahyde ZodiacCracked Ice VinylNassimi Symphony Classic, Nassimi Symphony Glaze