Lead time on custom upholstery only 6 weeks!!

Collection: Signature Chairs

Our signature line of restaurant chairs are made to order in Chicago and ship in just 6-8 weeks.  We can upholster them in any color you like and most patterns we offer are in stock.  Our restaurant chairs are manufactured in the United States using the same suppliers we have used for 45 years.  Each chair ships fully assembled.
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  • Club Chair - 3502
    Club Chair - 3502-Richardson Seating
  • Club Chair - 3510
    Club Chair - 3510-Richardson Seating
  • Club Chair - 3516
    Club Chair - 3516-Richardson Seating
  • Club Chair - 3520
    Club Chair - 3520-Richardson Seating
  • Club Chair - 3522
    Club Chair - 3522-Richardson Seating
  • Club Chair - 3524
    Club Chair - 3524-Richardson Seating
  • Club Chair - 3528
    Club Chair - 3528-Richardson Seating
  • Club Chair - 3554
    Club Chair - 3554-Richardson Seating
  • Club Chair - 3555
    Club Chair - 3555-Richardson Seating
  • Club Chair - 3570
    Club Chair - 3570-Richardson Seating
  • Club Chair - 5028
    Club Chair - 5028-Richardson Seating
  • Drake Beech Wood Chair
    Drake Beech Wood Chair-Richardson Seating
  • Justin Beech Wood Chair
    Justin Beech Wood Chair-Richardson Seating
  • Lima Beech Wood Chair
    Lima Beech Wood Chair-Richardson Seating
  • Roller Chair - 3602
    Roller Chair - 3602-Richardson Seating
  • Roller Chair - 3610
    Roller Chair - 3610-Richardson Seating
  • Roller Chair - 3616
    Roller Chair - 3616-Richardson Seating
  • Roller Chair - 3620
    Roller Chair - 3620-Richardson Seating
  • Roller Chair - 3622
    Roller Chair - 3622-Richardson Seating
  • Roller Chair - 3624
    Roller Chair - 3624-Richardson Seating
  • Roller Chair - 3628
    Roller Chair - 3628-Richardson Seating
  • Roller Chair - 3654
    Roller Chair - 3654-Richardson Seating
  • Roller Chair - 3655
    Roller Chair - 3655-Richardson Seating
  • Roller Chair - 3670
    Roller Chair - 3670-Richardson Seating

Heavy Duty Upholstered Restaurant Chairs

We have two main lines of commercial restaurant chairs. We have our signature chairs and our popular chairs. Our signature chairs consist of our side chairs, club chairs, and dining chairs. We make chairs that match most of our bar stools so if you are looking for a set, please let us know. All of our restaurant chairs can be custom upholstered in the vinyl and color you choose. We can match existing booths and chairs or we can help you get started with a new color pallet. We offer chairs with metal legs and we offer chairs that swivel. Our swivel chairs come on castors by default but we are able to make them with glides if given a longer lead time. Whether you own a speak easy, a bistro, a restaurant, pub, or cafe, our chairs can meet your needs. Our chairs are made in Chicago by our skilled upholsterers so we can change things like add nail head trim or tufting. Just tell us what you want and we can make the chair perfect for you.