Lead times are 6-8 weeks | June '22

Collection: Outdoor Restaurant Furniture - Patio Chairs and Patio Tables for Restaurants

Outdoor Furniture has become an essential item for all restaurants and bars.  With the states and cities changing regulations all of the time, the only thing you can be sure of is that outdoor seating is your safest option.  Expand your restaurant and your bar with brand new heavy duty commercial outdoor furniture.  We carry outdoor furniture manufactured by Emu in Italy.  Our products are much higher quality than what you can get from China.  Many items are in stock and ready to ship.  With an extended lead time, we can also bring in other colors from Italy.  Outdoor seating is hear to stay and with high quality Emu outdoor restaurant furniture, you will be prepared for years to come.  We are in the process of loading the items onto the website. 

Please see Emu Americas for the full line and their Italian main website Emu Italy



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  • Terramare #738
  • Re-Trouvé #570
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  • Bistro #902
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Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

Outdoor seating as become one of the most important things for restaurants the last year. Knowing that you can have people sitting outside in outdoor chairs and outdoor bar stools no matter what your state says has become crucial. Some outdoor furniture and heat lamps can keep restaurants open and serving even when it is cold outside. Outdoor furniture has always been a great way to expand during the summer but now one must consider using the outdoor chairs and outdoor bar stools while it is still cold. People have been using igloos and other types of bubbles to keep people warm. Although it technically seems like it is inside, it isn't and your furniture is still getting exposed to salt air and other harmful types of air. Having outdoor restaurant furniture solves all of these problems.