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Omnova Boltaflex ColorGuard Upholstery Vinyl-Richardson Seating

Omnova Boltaflex ColorGuard Upholstery Vinyl

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Boltaflex upholstery products are well known for their hard-working and long-lasting performance in a wide range of interior environments. Much of this reputation can be attributed to the best-selling ColorGuard design.

ColorGuard features a durable, 36 oz. vinyl construction that is resistant to microbial and bacterial attack. Featuring the industry-leading PreFixx protective finish, it has been engineered to be cleaned and disinfected with a wide variety of chemical cleaners without worrying about discoloration or damage to the upholstery finish when the recommended cleaning process is followed.

Available in the Following Colors

518760 ColorGuard Allspice
520202 ColorGuard American Beauty          
532616 ColorGuard Aqua     
518424 ColorGuard Beige    
518761 ColorGuard Berry    
517420 ColorGuard Black     
517421 ColorGuard Black Plum
518762 ColorGuard Blue Nile
518763 ColorGuard Blueberry         
518703 ColorGuard Bluejay 
518636 ColorGuard Bucksuede        
518765 ColorGuard Burgundy
518766 ColorGuard Cadet    
518423 ColorGuard Camel Back       
518767 ColorGuard Candy Apple     
532617 ColorGuard Cerulean
518422 ColorGuard Chocolate        
518647 ColorGuard Coal     
518768 ColorGuard Coffee Cream
518769 ColorGuard Colonial Blue
518770 ColorGuard Cordovan          
518771 ColorGuard Deep Clay         
532613 ColorGuard Dream  
518772 ColorGuard Emerald
518773 ColorGuard Everglade         
517922 ColorGuard Fudge   
518775 ColorGuard Grape
532618 ColorGuard Grass    
517423 ColorGuard Gray      
518777 ColorGuard Green Tea         
532615 ColorGuard Gris       
518778 ColorGuard Harbour
518635 ColorGuard Horizon Blue    
518779 ColorGuard Hunter Green
518421 ColorGuard Jade      
518780 ColorGuard Leapfrog
518781 ColorGuard Lite Gray
518420 ColorGuard Lt Teal   
532619 ColorGuard Magenta
521374 ColorGuard Manzanita       
523426 ColorGuard Marigold
518784 ColorGuard Marina
518785 ColorGuard Midnight Blue
517921 ColorGuard Nasturtium
517908 ColorGuard Natural 
517920 ColorGuard Navy
517424 ColorGuard Neptune
518787 ColorGuard New Burgundy 
520053 ColorGuard New Purple      
518789 ColorGuard Otter     
518790 ColorGuard Outback
518791 ColorGuard Persimmon       
518792 ColorGuard Port
518634 ColorGuard Pumice 
517919 ColorGuard Purple Iris         
518794 ColorGuard Raintree
518795 ColorGuard Red Cent
532612 ColorGuard Reflection         
518705 ColorGuard Regal Blue        
518796 ColorGuard Royal Blue        
517730 ColorGuard Saddle Tan        
518419 ColorGuard Sea Grass          
518418 ColorGuard Seafoam
517701 ColorGuard Slate     
517918 ColorGuard Snow    
518417 ColorGuard Spruce
518799 ColorGuard Tea Leaf
518800 ColorGuard Tomato
523027 ColorGuard Very Berry        
518386 ColorGuard Vizcaya Palm    
532614 ColorGuard Wheat 
518802 ColorGuard White
518804 ColorGuard Wood Violet

Made in the USA

For a quote please email to sales@richardsonseating.com 

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