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Naugahyde Zodiac Upholstery Vinyl by Uniroyal

Naugahyde Zodiac Upholstery Vinyl by Uniroyal

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Uniroyal Naugahyde Zodiac vinyl is in stock and available in 7 different colors.  It is sold by the yard.  One yard of vinyl means 36 inches by 54 inches.  The minimum order is 3 yards.  Zodiac has little reflective metal flakes embedded into the vinyl.  It is smooth and very thick.  This is the ultimate 1950s retro vinyl pattern.  Most of the chrome chairs we make, and chrome bar stools use this pattern of vinyl.  If you need a few additional yards for a project, you can now order from our website.

Available in the following colors.

ZD-21 Blue
ZD-27 Charcoal
ZD-22 Gold
ZD-23 Green
ZD-77 Hot pink
ZD-26 Silver
ZD-24 Burgundy

Made in the USA


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