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Naugahyde Rogue II Upholstery Vinyl

Naugahyde Rogue II Upholstery Vinyl

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Naugahyde Rogue II is manufactured in the United States by Uniroyal, Rogue II comes in 16 different colors. It can be used for automotive, fitness, hospitality, marine, recreational vehicles and residential.  We have stocked Naugahyde Rogue for 45 years and we know from experience that it is one of the most durable upholstery vinyl options available.  We have used RU-810 black for airports and other high volume places.

This product is sold by the yard.  1 yard is 54 inches by 36 inches.  Roll size is 30 yards.

Minimum order is 3 yards.  A quantity of 3, means 3 yards. 

Available Colors

RU-810 Black
RU-780 Blue
RU-950 Mist
RU-840 Buckskin
RU-710 Crimson
RU-940 Eucalyptus
RU-880 Fawn
RU-900 Flint
RU-750 Indian Red
RU-930 Ninja
RU-870 Off White
RU-920 Taupe
RU-890 Tobacco
RU-910 Turquoise
RU-820 Walnut
RU-960 Rose

Rogue II is inherently flame retardant and meets the requirements of California Fire Code 117-2013, BIFMA, UFAC, FMVSS-302 and NFPA 260.

Made in the USA

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