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Richardson Seating

Nassimi Seaquest Upholstery Vinyl

Nassimi Seaquest Upholstery Vinyl

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Seaquest is a great pattern for outdoor use as well as indoor use.  It is commonly used on boats.  It is available in about 30 colors
Roll N'Pleat: 10-15 Yards
32 Ounces per Linear Yard
00% Polyester Knit
Abrasion: 175,000+ Double Rubs

Cleaning Instructions

Prompt cleaning is always recommended. Ordinary dirt and stains can be removed with mild soap and water. For more persistent stains use a 1:10 Bleach solution.
Seaquest will resist without serious discoloration, the repeated actions of normal dilutions of non-abrasive chlorine or ammonia-based cleaners.
NOTE: Be sure to rinse the cleaned area with clean water and dry with a lint free cloth.

Available Colors

Seaquest PSQ-001 American Beauty
Seaquest PSQ-002 Anchor
Seaquest PSQ-003 Buff
Seaquest PSQ-004 Chalk
Seaquest PSQ-005 Cove
Seaquest PSQ-006 Dune
Seaquest PSQ-007 Ebony
Seaquest PSQ-008 Emerald
Seaquest PSQ-009 Forest
Seaquest PSQ-010 Hampton
Seaquest PSQ-011 Havasu
Seaquest PSQ-012 Lemon Peel
Seaquest PSQ-013 Light House Red
Seaquest PSQ-014 Lotion
Seaquest PSQ-015 Marble
Seaquest PSQ-016 Midnight
Seaquest PSQ-017 Mist
Seaquest PSQ-018 Navel
Seaquest PSQ-019 Navy
Seaquest PSQ-020 Oyster
Seaquest PSQ-021 Pearl Oyster
Seaquest PSQ-022 Pelican
Seaquest PSQ-023 Royal
Seaquest PSQ-024 Ruby
Seaquest PSQ-025 Sea White
Seaquest PSQ-026 Smoke
Seaquest PSQ-027 Teal
Seaquest PSQ-029 Too White
Seaquest PSQ-030 White Ice

Made in the USA

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