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Donut Bar Stool - Blue with Red Donuts

Donut Bar Stool - Blue with Red Donuts

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Jon Fishman and Briar sitting on Donut Bar Stools

Our Donut bar stool is commercial grade and perfect for your restaurant or your home.  It is perfect for any phan that want to add a little Jazz to their basement, garage, or home bar.  The Donut bar stool features a 36 degree swivel seat and no mar glides on the bottom of the legs.  The material for the seat is made of clear upholstery grade vinyl with the imprinted embedded in into the vinyl so that it won't scratch.

We have two different heights.  We have a 30 inch bar stool with double footrest and then we have a 24 inch bar stool with a single footrest.  The 30" bar stool is perfect for bars, tables, and counters that are 42 inches tall.  The 24" stool is the correct height for 36" counters.  Often breakfast bars are 36 inches tall.  If you are unsure what height you need, just measure your counter and subtract 12.  That is the height you need.  The 30 inch bar stool has two footrest while the 24 inch bar stool only has a single footrest.

Made in the USA

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