Restaurant Furniture in Chicago, IL

Restaurant Furniture Chicago Richardson Seating

When it comes to restaurant furniture, there isn't a very big used restaurant furniture market.  It is hard to find the right amount of used bar stools and used restaurant chairs at the right time.  Since imported restaurant furniture is so cheap, it usually makes sense to not buy used restaurant furniture. Restaurant furniture from Chicago is very popular.  Restaurant furniture is one of the easiest things to source in Chicago.  There are so many importers and dealers selling the same 180 items.  If you are looking for a break from the same old ladder back chair and Tolix bar stool you might be ready for Richardson Seating of Chicago, Illinois.  We operate a 75,000 square foot factory on the west side of Chicago where we produce all of our furniture. 

We know a lot about Chicago Restaurant furniture because in addition to working in Chicago, we also live in Chicago.  We go out to the restaurants and get to see our furniture at places like Beatrix and other Lettuce restaurants.  You can find our furniture at many Lou Malntati's.  Our bar stools used to be at 5 Star Lounge and used the Vic theater. 

We make the chairs for AMF blowing alleys and Kings bowing alleys.  The bottom line is that we know Chicago well and we love making furniture for the restaurants and bars down in the city and out in the Chicago suburbs.  We also specialize in custom logo bar stools

We have done some really cool bar stools with logos over the years.  We got to make a Cubs Championship bar stool which was awesome.  We used to make the licensed bar stools for Harley Davidson.  We make bar stools for Fender Guitar.  Chicago has lots of highways, trains, and boats to receive raw materials and to ship the order once you are complete. We made bar stools that The Ducks used on stage for the 10 year reunion of their cup.

The weather in Illinois isn't quite nice enough to work outside like you can in other states but there are often days where we can open our loading docks and have fans circulate the fresh air through the entire factory.  Those days feel so great.  When its cold we have heat, but when its really hot, we only have fans.  Luckily the building is made of brick and retains the cold Chicago evening and doesn't heat up until mid day.

Since we are from Chicago we are fans of Chicago Sports team.  We are Cubs fans, Bears fans, Black hawks fans, and Bulls fans.  We have even made some bar stools for the United Center but we have no idea where they are.  They must be in some VIP because we haven't seen them.

We got to make the bar stools for the 2015 Draft Town in Grant Park.  Each team had a booth with a table and 6 bar stools.  We made the 6 bar stools.  I live right by Grant Park so I went several times to take pictures.  I have pictures of my wife at most of the booths.  I will post some pictures later.

We have made bar stools for many bars and restaurants around Chicago and around the suburbs.  Times are tough right now so if you are looking for re upholstery instead of purchasing new items, we can accommodate you too.