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Clarin chairs set the standard – for quality, comfort and durability

You can find a cheaper folding chair, but you won't find a better one

Clarin portable folding chairs expand the event configuration possibilities in every space - increasing venue revenue options and patron comfort at every move. As a result, customers continue to develop new seating applications. Today, Clarin chairs can be premium sideline seating at professional sports venues, team seating at NBA arenas, suites and loge boxes, high school gymnasiums, meeting rooms, conferences facilities, and worship spaces. We combine the style and comfort your most valued customers deserve with the durability that can withstand years of use from large crowds; plus, we're proud to be made in the USA!

Clarin chairs are the portable logo chairs chosen by the leading professional athletic teams, universities, and high schools across the nation. Since 1925, the Clarin brand has set the standard in portable durability, design, and comfort. These seats are expertly engineered to last season after season, from the vivid, rub-resistant graphics to the rugged yet flexible "X-FRAME" design. So when Clarin logo chairs line your court and fill your locker rooms, you're sending a message to your players and opponents – you've just entered the house of a winner.

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