World's Oldest Restaurants

Here is a list of some of the oldest restaurants in the world:

St. Peter Stiftskeller – Salzburg, Austria (est. 803)
Zum Franziskaner – Munich, Germany (est. 1330)
Trattoria da Noemi – Venice, Italy (est. 1368)
La Tour d'Argent – Paris, France (est. 1582)
La Pergola – Rome, Italy (est. 1881)
Antico Caffe Greco – Rome, Italy (est. 1760)
The Old Coffee House – London, England (est. 1652)
The Olde Bell Inn – Hurley, England (est. 1135)
The White Hart Inn – Salisbury, England (est. 1220)
The Old Clam House – San Francisco, California (est. 1861)

It is worth noting that the dates listed above are the estimated dates of establishment for these restaurants, and may not be the exact dates. Some of these restaurants have changed locations or undergone renovations over the years, but they have all maintained their operations and have a long history of serving customers.

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