Wooden stools: much more than just a seat

Wooden stools: much more than just a seat

Their simplicity makes them easily adaptable to new uses and contexts. Discover the decorative versatility of a wooden stool.

Perhaps in line with the rising trend of all those elements of organic character, wooden stools, whether antique, recovered, or made from trunk sections, can be included in any room of our homes, becoming much more than a mere piece of the seat. Their versatility makes them an essential, functional, and highly decorative element. Here are eight ways to integrate them into a contemporary environment.

The stool is an object of daily use, discovered in ancient Egyptian civilization, which has the reputation, in some cases deserved, of being an uncomfortable piece. It was used in the French court to prevent the vassals from falling asleep, in contrast to the comfortable thrones used by the monarchs. However, stools are used in multiple ways and have become versatile, decorative, and multipurpose pieces. Thus, solid wood models that retain their organic and natural appearance are ideal, in addition to as seats, to form an original coffee table like the one in this room, which on the other hand, adapts to any decorative style with personality and elegance.

In small dining rooms and office areas, stools are an essential piece, as they can be used occasionally as extra seating when there are not enough chairs to accommodate all diners. In addition, if they are beautiful pieces of wood, they can also be used as optional service waiters on which to place some items or dishes that do not fit on the table. With the proliferation of bars in the kitchen, stools have become an essential element in this room. Among the many possibilities offered by the market for this type of furniture, there are pieces with a marked organic character in which wood is the fundamental material. Natural trunk sections as a seat on iron or steel legs, or designs made entirely of wood, as compact blocks, any model adapts to contemporary kitchens providing a very personal contrast.

A wooden stool can also be used as a bedside table, bringing a very original look to a bedroom. It is an auxiliary piece of furniture of small dimensions, so it is ideal for small rooms. Replace the traditional bedside lamp with a wall lamp or a pendant light to make the most of the small surface of this improvised bedside table. In a bathroom, these pieces become the perfect ally to form a practical point of support next to the shower or bathtub, where to place towels, leave clothes, put toiletries and beauty products, or as a seat to take off your shoes, in addition to functioning as a very aesthetic element. Again, a stroll through craft markets or flea markets can help you discover the piece that best suits the decorative style of your bathroom.

A simple rough wooden trunk can become an original piece that brings a rustic yet elegant touch to the decoration of any room, like these black tinted ones. If you also put some wheels on the base, it will become an element that you can move quickly to use as multipurpose auxiliary furniture. Another option is an entirely natural piece that still retains even the bark. To give it an original touch, you can upholster the seat with sheepskin, a Nordic-inspired material that will provide it with a unique warmth and aesthetics. Dare to insert it in any decoration, whether avant-garde, classic or traditional. The result will be surprising. Pieces of current style in steel or plastic coexist perfectly with colonial models, antique stools of oriental style, or seats for livestock use. Whatever their origin, mixing them will create an eclectic space full of uniqueness and style.

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