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Why do we show Naugahyde vinyl instead of others?

Naugahyde vinyl on a swivel bucket bar stools
In the 45 years that we have been in business, not much has changed.  We make the same products and we primarily use the same vendors.  We have been using Naugahyde for literally decades.  My grandfather used them before us as his main supplier and we use them now.  We still refer to them as Uniroyal like the tire company.  I believe they are still part of Uniroyal Global.  Over the years there have been many companies that came out with competitive patterns to Naugahdye's zodiac pattern and Spirit Millennium and English Pub.  We haven't switched because Naugahyde has been consistent the last 45 years.  They are hardly ever out of stock and when they are out of stock, it doesn't take that long for them to make the color you need.  They make everything in Wisconsin and we ship to Illinois so we get great shipping rates.  We can match colors years later and not worry that a dye lot has changed.  There are a lot of benefits of staying loyal to a vendor and one of the benefits is that our customers get great quality products with upholstery vinyl meant to last and last in the real world.

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