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Who buys custom logo bar stools?

Custom Logo Bar Stool for Trade Show Booths
We sell our custom logo bar stools primarily to promotional products dealers who then in turn sell them to their clients.  Our customer usually has the name promotions or marketing in the title.  We make the product and they find the customer.  Our first logo customer 40 years ago was Helm inc out of Highland Park Michigan.  They ran the Ford program and used our stools in the program.  That is how bar stools do best.  They do really well when they are put in a program with a bunch of other items geared towards a parts dealer or distribution.  When they have their choice of signage and hats, and shirts and jackets and car decals they often chose a bar stool.  The bar stool will probably last the longest of all the items so its a better investment.  Logo bar stools advertise the products at the place where it matters most, the parts counter.  The other really good use for logo bar stools is for trade shows.  If you go to the SEMA show, the NRA show or any other big show where they have booths and tables in their booths you will find out logo bar stools around those tables.  There is always room to advertise more.  You need to take notice of any inch that is free and put a message there.  Our logo bar stools give you the perfect canvas to advertise to everyone that walks into your customer's store.

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