What will define interiors, design and décor in 2022?

What will define interiors, design and décor in 2022?

The search for new paths, resilience and a longed-for joy will shape everything related to aesthetics.
Sustainability, experimentation, inclusivity and exuberance are some of the concepts that, in the words of several industry experts, will define everything related to aesthetics in the coming months.
Following the online conference 'Aesthetics after 2021?', recently organized by Vitra, we collect ten outstanding phrases from some of the participants, grouped in turn into three major themes, on how what happened in 2021 is going to define design, interior design and decoration in 2022.
1. "After a very difficult 2021, 2022 will be a year of rebirth, color, joy and exuberance."
2. "Aesthetics in 2022 will be dominated by improvisation, experimentation, relaxation, fun and the use of textures".

3. "Aesthetics is increasingly about emotions".

It is time to define where design is going. It is time to think of new and radical paths.
5. "We have to try different things. Everything is open and everything is possible.

Now or never. This is the time for sustainability.
7. "We must rethink the way we live, work and consume. It's time to create a more sustainable world in which the aesthetics of objects are based on concepts such as durability, resilience and versatility.
Containment will define everything related to aesthetics. Thus, design and everything related to creativity will become more local.
8. "Sustainability, authenticity and honesty will be key concepts in the aesthetics of 2022".

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