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What upholsery vinyl resists pen and denim stains?

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Upholstery vinyl is known to have problems with pen. It is also known to have issues with blue jeans transferring dye. That is in addition to having problems with the red in tomatoes, jelly, and other famous strainers.  This is especially a problem with white and lighter colored vinyl. There are several manufacturers that have come out with a solution. The one that we recommend is Naugahyde Spirit Supreme. The Supreme line of products from Naugahyde have a coating called Beauty Gard that protects the vinyl from stains and allows stains even from blue jeans to come out. Here is what Naugahyde says in its flyer. Wyzenbeek abrasion rated at three million plus double rubs using the #8 Cotton Duck test. Spirit Supreme contains an agent to protect it against bacterial and fungal microorganisms. Other properties include: Blue Jean Stain resistance ISO 26082, Procedure 2. Test Fabric: EMPA 128/1, Sulfide Stain Resistance, Mildew Resistance, Oil Resistance, passes Ultraviolet Stable Pigment, Cold Crack: -28.9°C. Also passes CFFA141-2012 and ASTM D1308-02 (2013) including suntan lotion, wine and coffee clean-u.

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