What Height Bar Stool do I need?

Figuring out what height bar stool you need is pretty simple.  You start by measuring the height of your bar, your counter or your table.  

Standard table height is 30 inches tall.
Standard counter height is 36 inches tall.
Standard bar height is 42 inches tall.

Now take the height and subtract 12 inches.  

Standard chair height is 18 inches tall.
Standard counter stool height is 24 inches tall.
Standard bar stool height is 30 inches tall.

You might be wondering what to do if you counter is no exactly 36 inches or your table is 31 inches.  Typically you would still pick a standard height item and an inch or two shouldn’t matter.  

If your bar is 46 inches, you may want to consider getting an extra tall bar stool.  We don’t make those but you can usually find them at billiard supply stores.  Many times an extra tall bar stool will be put near a pool table.  We can’t really help too much with extra tall.

If your are looking for the standard heights, we have got you covered.

What height bar stool do I need

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