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We have been out of stock in lots of metal and wood componets the past year.  This has been one for the record books.  To try and get materials we bought triple what we would normally purchase and we told our suppliers that if they can produce it, we will buy it.  We have chrome frames which have been especially hard to source now that China has been cracking down on plating.  Platers in the US have raised prices now that they have so much new business.  You can't plate the tube if you can't even get the tube.  Our supplier National Metalwares has supplied my family with metal tubing for 45 years.  We can't get straight answers on where we are going to get product.  My grandpa setup the account.  We have paid every single invoice on time and we have been big buyers.  It hurts to not get taken care of when you need it most.  Other than that, our vendors are bending over backwards to take care of us.  I would like to make special mentions to Trendler for getting us metal tubing and I would like to make a special thanks to Vitro Seating.  Vitro Seating and Richardson arranged a mutually beneficial trade.  It is great that the American manufacturers can help each other out and keep the industry going.  Vitro Seating is making 1000 diner chair frames for us.  We are very pleased to work with them.
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