Setting up a virtual booth for the PPAI 2021 Virtual Trade Show

Setting up a virtual booth for the PPAI 2021 Virtual Trade Show

PPAI and SAGE virtual trade show 2021

PPAI's virtual trade show is coming up soon.  Our company decided to show a couple of weeks ago.  We decided that we wanted to support our industry's trade organization.  In addition, we want all the distributor and suppliers to know that we are doing great and ready for your orders.  We have a someone unique business model in the industry.  We do not buy anything from overseas.  We have a few small parts that are probably imported, but we still buy them from American dealers.

With that in mind, our supply chain is still fully in tact.  Every single one of our suppliers is an essential business and every single one of them is open and shipping.  As an essential business ourselves, we are open and building furniture every day.

One of the interesting things about our company is that we have 3 main lines of furniture.  We have our drop ship furniture that we sell to companies like Williams Sonoma, Target, Amazon, and Wayfair.  We have our custom logo bar stools which we sell to promotional products distributors and then we have our complete line of restaurant furniture.

Believe it or not, we are still selling quite a bit of restaurant furniture.  Although many restaurants have closed temporarily and some permanently, there are always new restaurants opening and restaurants who need new furniture.  We just need to work a lot harder to find them.  There are very few companies in the USA that specialize in manufacturing commercial restaurant furniture.  Most of our competitors import furniture and at most switch the seat out for red or brown.

We build most of our line from scratch.  We buy plywood, 2x4s and rolls of vinyl.  In order to make our furniture we need many specialized sections of our factory.  We have a woodshop that can handle full sheets.  We have a metal shop that can weld our frames together.  We have in house sewing and in house upholstery.  What's nice about having eveything under one roof is that we can work together to solve problems.  Our sewers also do our cutting so if something needs to be cut a little bit bigger than the pattern, it is a pretty easy adjustment.

The PPAI show will be our first digital trade show and possibly our last.  We will see how it goes.  I am spending the money we would typically spend on the show for travel and hotel and taking that and spending it on advertising to make sure people visit our virtual booth and know that we are around.

Not many distributors actively market bar stools.  For the few that do, we want to make sure they know what's new since last year.  For those who don't actively sell bar stools, we want to make sure that you know we are around and that whenever you get that call for a bar stool, you at least remember that there is some American company in Chicago or something that does logo bar stools.  If you can remember Richardson Seating it means we did a good job of marketing.

Just go to Google and type in "logo bar stools" if you ever need to find us.  We should always be on the top while I am working on our marketing.

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