Do I buy Used or New Furniture for my Restaurant?

Do I buy Used or New Furniture for my Restaurant?

Any restaurant owner will know that running and maintaining a restaurant isn’t just about the food. Bringing customers into your restaurant can be just as much the aesthetic of your restaurant as your food. This is why furniture in a restaurant is so important, when people walk into your restaurant for the first time, they don’t know what your food tastes like so the look and feel of your restaurant is their first impression. As we all know when running a business first impression are key, this is how you captivate customers to keep coming back and therefore making you money. In this article we’re going to be talking about how to buy furniture for your restaurant and what to consider when making a purchase.


Buying New

There are many wholesale and retail stores online and in-person that offer great quality furniture for your restaurant. The most important reason to purchase your restaurant’s furniture from a wholesaler is you can purchase multiple of the same tables and chairs to keep your restaurant’s look consistent and clean.

There are many furniture stores online that offer contract purchases as well as outright purchases to suit any business’ needs. Nisbets and Trent Furniture have easy to navigate and affordable online stores that often offer free delivery straight to your restaurant, so you don’t have to worry about any of the logistics.

Purchasing new furniture is much less time consuming and easier than second-hand and you can often place one order and have everything you need for an entire restaurant from one place.


Buying Used

Vintage furniture for your restaurant is a great way to add something different and stand out from the competition. People really love that great nostalgic feeling and you can easily encapsulate that with some good quality vintage and second-hand furniture to keep people coming back. You can also use this to centre your restaurant around a certain niche, a 1950s theme for example.

Vintage and second-hand furniture is readily available on online marketplace sites such as eBay and more specifically Etsy, thrift stores are also a very good option because you can visit the items in person and measure them yourself to ensure they will fit. Another great part but also a difficult part at the same time about buying second hand is that you can get some amazing unique pieces but a lot of the time there won’t be multiple items of each piece so it could end up being a mish-mosh of furniture if styled incorrectly.

 Purchasing furniture online from marketplace sites could also incur hefty shipping costs for larger items so bear that in mind when purchasing second-hand.

Buying second-hand is also great for the environment so you can use that as a means of attracting customers by saying all out furniture is second-hand and even theme your restaurant around it making all your food packaging/plates recyclable or renewable.

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