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How do I clean upholstered restaurant furniture?

I have been using upholstered furniture all of my life.  Most of our furniture when I was little was made by Richardson Seating and was made in upholstery vinyl.  Ever since I was a kid and our factory made dining chairs for our home or foot stools for our basement.  Upholstery vinyl is extremely durable and easy to clean if you treat it right.  One thing you need to consider when cleaning upholstery vinyl is that it usually has a coating on it.  A lot of times this coating is to make it shine.  If you use harsh chemicals, you will dull the shine and create an uneven look.  Most of the time, you can clean upholstery with just a wet rag.  It is amazing how clean you can get restaurant furniture with mostly water.  Now for a commercial enviroment you may want something that can actually clean more than just the surface.  If that is the case, Naugahyde recommends a 10% bleach to 90% water solution.  Make sure to test the solution on a small area of the vinyl that isn't seen to make sure it doesn't fade or change color.  Here is a link to Naugahyde's cleaning instructions.  One of the ways to keep your upholstery looking clean is by choosing a dark color.  If you use white vinyl or light gray and other similar colors, you can see every spot of dirt.  If you use a pattern like Rogue from Naugahyde, you won't notice a little dirt and it is still easy to clean when the time comes.

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