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Richardson Seating was almost on The Profit second season

Diner chairs with 2 inch seat blue chair with white piping
Here is something that many of you don't know.  We were selected to be on Th Profit season two with Marcus Lemonis.  We filled out the forms.  We had the background checks.  We even signed some of the releases.  We hadn't seen an episode at that point.  It was before the first season had released.  My brother and I watched two episodes.  My dad watched one and we saw families fighting.  One brother was made to look good and one brother made to look bad.  A father who didn't do things the usual way and Marcus pushing our buttons.  We didn't think we could handle the pressure of being on TV so publicly with our families.  We decided to decline the invitation.  Ironically, there is a little blip of me in the second season's opener where I am cut into a scene leading up to the show where I say "Marcus, I need your help."  It is such a brief moment.  It was from my virtual meeting with the producer.  So that was kind of cool.  A few people noticed.  We were nervous that we would get an order to shut down our logo bar stools or something drastic like that.

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