Shopify Reviews - Is Shopify a good place to host my website?

I have been building websites since 2003.  I have used Yahoo Store, Woo Commerce, WordPress, Network Solutions ecommerce, Wix, Volusion, and Shopify.  Woo Commerce was used through WordPress.  Shopify is my favorite by far.  I would recommend Shopify for any website, not just ecommerce sites.  The basic Shopify plan is about $30 a month and comes with domain name hosting and an SSL.  It is a really good deal.  If you decide to do ecommerce in the future, you are already most of the way there.  The only problem with Shopify that I found was  that I couldn't find a default setting on my template that collected leads instead of sold product.  If you go through our website, you will notice that we only have about 12 products for sale and the rest of the items say click here for more information.  That wasn't a default option.  I needed custom programming to do that.  When it comes to doing things in the backend, nothing is faster than Shopify.  I can add items, change categories, add pictures almost instantly.  It is so much faster than Wix.  With Wix you click a button and then wait.  Because of Wix, I realize how fast Shopify really is.  I think the biggest testimonial is that I am using Shopify on this website right now.  That is where you are if you have no idea what you clicked on.  I am in the process of moving 3 additional sites to Shopify.  They are old sites that have a lot of pages, so I need to be very careful moving them over so I don't lose the links and traffic that I have built up over time.  I was a little rash when I converted over from NetworkSolutions.  We lost a lot of our traffic.  Our main complaint with Shopify so far is that it isn't the fastest on Google's mobile test.  Shopify uses Fastly CDNs that are setup around the world, so in theory I am sure it is fast compared to other hosts.  Hopefully, we will be back to the top of searches in the next few months as I continue to add missing content.  If you have any questions about Shopify, feel free to send us a message.  It will go to me.

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