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Attaching the back with staples vs screws

Upholstered Swivel Bar Stool with a Back with wood legs
There are two ways to build a bucket style bar stool.  You can either attach the back using staples or you can attach the back using screws.  Over time staples can break or come through the material.  Over time thin screw heads can go through the material.  We have found a way to keep our backs tightly attached to the seats forever.  Our bar stools use more screws and staples than would seem necessary.  We totally over engineer our products.  When we attach the back with screws we use a washer to make sure the screw head doesn't go through the back.  We also go one step further and coat the tip of the screw in a lubricant to make sure it can get through all the materials without burning.  We use way too many screws to attach the backs too but no one ever complains and we have always used to many screws so we don't plan on changing.

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