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Restaurant Furniture in Chicago

Bucket Swivel Bar Stool with Chrome Frame and Foot Rest
Chicago is one of the cities to source restaurant furniture.  We have easy access to most of the major component needed to make furniture without having to go to far.  If you take Richardson Seating for example, we get 90% of our materials from vendors that are within 100 miles.  The taxes in Chicago but it is relatively easy to find employees with the skill sets we need in the neighborhoods that are close.  Plus who wants to drive to Indiana every day or Wisconsin just to avoid some taxes.  We live in Chicago and we don't plan to move.  We are Cubs fans, Bears fans, Bulls fans, and Blackhawks fans.  Our factory is really close to all the stadiums so it is really easy to catch a game.  Wrigley Field is just North on the redline.  US Cellular is just south on the Red Line.  You can get to the United Center on the Green line or the Blue line and solider Field you can get to on the red line.  We can get to all of those lines a few blocks away at the Harrison stop.  We are close to the highways and we are close to public transportation.  The only issue with our location in Chicago is that we have a multi level building, we have very little parking, and its a little tough to get full size cab 53 foot trucks into the dock.  We know it can be done because we get truckloads all of the time.  It is just a little hard to turn.  We have been making resturant furniture for Chicago, Illinois and the rest of the US for over 45 years.  We started in 1975 and we have been going strong ever since.  Our most difficult time was during the 2008 recession and now.  We did really well during the 2000 recession because we had just taken on Target as a customer and they were buying 10s of thousands of Lucy Chairs and stackable bar stools every week.  Once that business was gone, we felt it.  We decided that we never wanted to be beholden to just one big customer and that's why we have taken on the strategy of advertising on the Internet.  We know there are many places outside Chicago that love our restaurant furniture.  With LTL rates so low, there is no reason why you should work with anyone else even if you live in Seattle or California.  When it comes to Chicago Restaurant Furniture manufacturers, I hope you give us a chance.  You won't be dissapointed.

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