Reclaimed pieces that will bring magic to your room

Reclaimed pieces that will bring magic to your room

In recycling and refurbishing objects, what one sees as junk to another is a treasure. Start looking at junk with different eyes.

Do not be discouraged if you want to change your bedroom, but your budget is tight, and you do not know where to start. There are endless possibilities for recovering old objects, which you can find at your grandparents' house or second-hand markets. You will see that there are many ways to give a new life to vintage pieces to create a unique and pleasant space. This selection of bedrooms includes everything from furniture and objects that take on new uses to ideas for remodeling certain parts yourself.

Make your lamp. You'll never repurchase a new light once you've made your first lampshade. Thanks to the number of fabrics to choose from, you will always have personalized and unique pieces. Please pick up an old lamp base, like the one in the picture, at flea markets or thrift stores and update it to your liking, using a fabric that matches the rest of your bedroom—an original headboard. There are usually many doors of all styles and sizes in second-hand markets. They can be put to many different uses, for example, as a headboard for the bedroom. For an eclectic and casual effect, you can put two doors together in different styles, shutters, a screen, and even, if you are lucky in your search, even an ornate church door. Anything is possible with a bit of imagination and a good coat of paint. You can always repaint the doors to redecorate the room when you feel like a change. Improvise a bedside table with a suitcase. You can use one with a particular aesthetic like the one in the image or a set of old bags placed from largest to smallest and painted in combination with the rest of the room. The chalk paint works very well in these cases to give a homogeneous and bohemian air. Instead of stacking them, you can also get the desired height by placing legs on a small suitcase.

Decorate with salvaged objects. An elementary idea available to anyone is to reuse old bottles as candlesticks to hold candles of different colors. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in the bedroom, they will look perfect on the mantelpiece. If you don't have a fireplace, you can place the candles on a recycled wooden shelf. They will give the room a cozy and bohemian air—unusual decorative panels. Create a focal point of interest above the bed by recycling objects. Old metal railings can be given a new life and dimension with a couple of coats of special spray paint. Another different and original option is to create a composition with old empty picture frames or window frames.

Cover a wall with tile. Tiles don't have to be limited to kitchen and bathroom walls. Gather different patterns to create a wall full of textures and shapes like this one. In this case, you may want to stick to just one wall behind the bed and use larger tiles. Mix different patterns to give it depth, but choose tiles in similar tones to keep the composition consistent. Keep the rest of your décor in the same techniques. Put old furniture to new use. We see here as a bedside table is a piece that was once used to store sheet music; any piece of furniture can be used for a purpose other than its original one. Open your mind and avoid getting carried away by established ideas when choosing a dresser, nightstand, or chest of drawers; be more imaginative. For example, you can have a hall dresser in your bedroom, put a display cabinet in the bathroom from an old shoe store, or even use a vintage desk as a dressing table.

Granny chic style. If you prefer plain and simple walls, add some color to your bedroom with a quilt. The typical "grandmother's" crocheted blanket may be an option. Try crocheting it yourself if you didn't inherit it or find one in stores that suits you. With dedication and a good teacher who teaches you the technique -or an internet tutorial- you will make a piece with an added emotional factor. Personalize a chest of drawers. At flea markets and thrift stores, there are usually a lot of dressers with drawers. If you see one, you like, but it doesn't quite fit your style, mentally work out the design you think would fit best and customize it yourself. There are many options: a flag of a country you have visited, tracing a drawing on one side, decoupage, or giving it a worn paint effect. If remodeling the entire piece of furniture is too much effort and time, paint the drawer fronts and sand the rest, leaving the natural wood visible.

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