Naugahyde upholstery on ladder back chair from Richardson Seating

Naugahyde is our largest supplier of upholstery vinyl.  We buy from Nassimi, Omnova, Spradling and many other large mills.  Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a Nauga.  No one is hunting naugas and raising them for their hides.  Naugahyde is rubber based synthetic leather made originally for purses.

Naugahyde is our go to mill for many reasons.  The first is tradition.  My grandpa and my great grandpa used to buy Naugahyde vinyl from Uniroyal 50 plus years ago.  When most manufacturers started to switch to suppliers overseas, we decided to stay loyal to Naugahyde.  They are one state away in Stoughton Wisconsin.  We can get to their plant in 8 hours if we really needed.  We can typically get rolls of vinyl next day if we send them UPS ground.

While most manufacturers of upholstery vinyl show off their 10,000 double rubs or 50,000 double run durability, Naugahyde rates many of their products in the millions.  The Wyzenbeek double rub test is the standard for the industry and Naugahyde blows this away.  While we have access to all of Uniroyal's patterns, we only stock a few.  We stock Zodiac, Expressions, Spirit Millennium, English Pub, and Rogue II.  We will buy Naugasoft for jobs and sometimes we buy the Supreme version of the pattern but for the most part, we stock the vinyls listed above.

Our favorite pattern by Naugahyde is Spirit Millennium.  What makes a pattern a favorite?

  1. The color shades have remained true for decades
  2. It is always in stock
  3. It is 2 million double rubs
  4. We can replace furniture or repair furniture years later and its a dead match
  5. It is made in Wisconsin and shipping charges are low to Chicago
  6. It stretches really well and pulls tight around curves




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