Nature as inspiration: 4 colors that will triumph in 2022

Nature as inspiration: 4 colors that will triumph in 2022

The interest in sustainability imposes colors inspired by nature. Clay, moss, beige, and chocolate triumph.

Terracotta, sand, stone, and moss green: the colors that are triumphing at the big international decoration fairs and among private individuals are those that transport you to the outdoors. "Since the pandemic, we have a great need to be in contact with nature, especially those of us who live in cities. We need nature for our mental and physical well-being. That's why we want to bring these colors inside the house," says interior designer Cláudia de Sousa, head of Cláudia de Sousa - Interior Design, confirming that colors inspired by nature are the most in-demand.

  1. Terracotta and clay: the perfect colors for modern spaces

Natural colors inspired by the landscapes we see in our trips and excursions to the countryside, which link us with the artisan and natural, are triumphing. Terracotta tones promise to be part of the decoration of our homes for a long time. It is a warm color that makes a home.

"Terracotta brings warmth and connection to the earth. It is a strong color but not flashy. I think in combination with blue tones, it is also a key color to represent the Mediterranean style," says Cláudia de Sousa.

The color terracotta returns to homes as a decorative hue and the primary material for cladding the house thanks to clay mortar. In the image, the ABB Niessen space, designed by architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez, presented during the last edition of Casa Decor 2021, which recreates a small apartment made entirely of sustainable materials such as clay, recycled wood panels, and ceramics.

It is a visually very intense color that, far from fitting only in rural environments, works in modern spaces, mixed with brass and velvet accessories.

  1. Moss green: a vitalist color for lush spaces

"Nature is our refuge; it's where we find peace and can disconnect from daily stress. Our pace of life is exhausting. At home, we seek to relax and connect with ourselves. So the trend is to create a refuge with colors that reproduce a natural setting: terracotta, browns, greens, and textures of wood, stone", reflects Natalia Ivanova, head of OVA Design Studio.

Green brings nature into the home. It's also a vibrant color that is very popular in the wake of the pandemic. "The rise of these colors is influenced by the fact that we're spending more time at home, and we want bright colors and to feel like it's a cozy place," said Steven Littlehales, founder of Linea3Cocinas, in this magazine feature on kitchen trends for 2021.

Indeed, when we are confined, we miss nature a lot. That's why we've seen greenery and plants gain prominence in interiors. In short, we want lush homes.

"Maxi floral prints, sustainable materials, the rise of greenery and its shades, or the resurgence of fruity scents to set the mood at home. Nature is celebrated through accessories," said François Delclaux, director of the Un Nouvel Air agency, during the April 2021 edition of the Parisian Maison&Objet trade fair.

  1. Chocolate: a warm color to decorate modern bedrooms.

For this contemporary style bedroom in an apartment in Barcelona, the professional chose chocolate brown: a color that we see more and more often, especially in bedrooms. We asked her why.

"It is the color of mother earth. A color that conveys warmth, security, experience. It can be a good base to create a stable, serious interior. If we add green, it evokes a feeling of spring and optimism. It creates a cozy atmosphere with beige and white tones; it creates a cozy atmosphere - it's a fantastic color that goes with everything! And its main message is always warmth and stability," says Ivanova.

  1. Warm white: the base tone for any space and style.

"Currently, my clients are asking me for warm white tones and some terracotta-colored furniture. In addition, we propose the color taupe: a hybrid tone between gray, brown, and pink," says De Sousa, taking for granted a trend of telluric colors for the home, which has warm white as its base. Pantone Sheepskin is the color that the Trendbible website predicts will be one of the colors of 2022: neutral and calm to give shape to refuge homes.

"It is a neutral color that goes well with everything. If we were painters, it would be like the base color in which you paint the canvas to start then to compose.", says the person responsible for the image project. The owners of this apartment in the busy Raval neighborhood in Barcelona were looking for a quieter lifestyle, and for this, Claudia de Sousa opted for this shade as a base.

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