Metal or Wood Restaurant furniture

Metal or Wood Restaurant furniture

Importance of choosing the right furniture

Furniture used in restaurants affects the overall appearance of the restaurant and attracts buyers and customers. Furniture must be comfortable and placed properly according to the environment. Always take proper consideration before choosing indoor and outdoor furniture. An educated decision will save you money in the long run.

Types of furniture used in restaurants

There are different types of furniture used in restaurants like tables, chairs, wooden back bar stools, ladder back bar stools, and booths, etc. Here are some details provided below.


  • The tables used in restaurants can be of any shape like round, square, or rectangle.
  • The chairs used in restaurants can be made of many different materials like wood plastic and metal
  • Ladder back chairs and ladder back bar stools are very popular and available in both metal and wooden frames. 
  • Sideboards, also known as dummy waiters, are used near the services for quick access to waiters in bars. So, they don’t have to make the customers wait.
  • Host stands come in different designs. You can choose from a stand or flat format designs. Your choice should depend upon the space in your restaurant. They are usually placed at the entrance of the restaurant and can be used to keep the files and folders safe.
  • Booths and benches can be placed back to back along the wall with tables. This type of seating is mostly upholstered. You can get a customized booths and benches in the color and fabric of your own choice.

Things you should consider while selecting restaurant furniture

When you are choosing furniture for your restaurant, the first thing that you should keep in mind is having an idea of your layouts. For different settings, like bars, family-style restaurants, beach restaurants, buffet, casual, and party restaurants, and café, etc., you have to select the furniture according to the restaurant type. Each of these types requires different seating options.


Second, consider the place available for seating. If you are opening a night club, you need to adjust the dance floor and seating arrangements. In narrow spaces, you can use metal or wooden bar stools, ladder back bar stools, and booths, etc., along the walls.


Keeping your furniture looking good for a long time is also an important factor. If you are opening a restaurant on the beach, you should choose the proper furniture for the environment. It would be best if you keep the furniture clean from sand and water. Even if you keep your furniture inside, it is probably best to use outdoor materials like aluminum and stainless steel.  Indoor furniture doesn't handle being exposed to salt air.

How to choose between wooden and metal furniture

There are various types of wooden and metal restaurant furniture available in the market. Different factors play important roles in the selection of furniture for restaurants, for example, the environment, space, cost, durability, etc.


You can find a variety of styles in both wooden and metallic frames and then buy the best option according to your budget, and the style of interior you want in your restaurant. If you want to go for a more natural style, wooden chairs and bar stools are the best options. On the contrary, if you want to keep the environment both simple and light, then metal furniture like ladder back bar stools and ladder back chairs are the best options.

Furniture for the outdoor environment

Metal and aluminum are the best options for outdoor furniture, especially in a humid atmosphere. The reason is the paint used on them can prevent them from water damage and also resist rusting. Also, we know the furniture placed outside will get a lot of dirt on it. So choose lightweight metallic bar stools, chairs, and tables. So you can keep them neat and tidy.  Aluminum and stainless steel don't rust.  You can use regular carbon steel too, but it must have a special powder coat to prevent any moisture from getting in.


Outside furniture gets exposed to a lot of environmental hazards, so stainless steel furniture is a good option daily use. 

Furniture for inside use

For indoor use, both wooden and metal-framed furniture can be used. But which one to choose, depends upon your layout. You cannot use heavy iron furniture inside if your floor is wooden because it can damage your floor. Also, people often prefer indoor dining because they want comfortable seating. You can use a mix of upholstery and wooden back bar stools and chairs to provide more comfort to your customers.


If you have a large space in your restaurant, you can choose upholstered full size booths, but for narrow spaces, you can use wooden furniture like wooden bar stools and tables.  

Always keep in mind that all kinds of furniture have their advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing anything, take a proper professional guide. So, you get the best furniture and do not end up wasting your money and time.

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