Looking for something different? Put a hanging chair in the bedroom

Looking for something different? Put a hanging chair in the bedroom

A comfortable, versatile, and decorative piece of furniture that will turn your bedroom into an attractive and relaxing space.

If you would like to have in your bedroom a corner in which to relax, which also brings an original touch to the room, do not hesitate: to opt for a hanging chair. They energize an environment like a few pieces of furniture, and there is nothing like rocking for a while to relax. Do not worry if you do not have much space; sometimes, these designs take up less than an armchair to use and are visually lighter in addition to being suspended. Let's see what options there are, as well as some requirements for installation, in large bedrooms. Hanging chairs are a type of furniture that in interiors are used exceptionally well in spacious or uncluttered rooms, especially if they have high ceilings like this one we see here. The more free space they have around them, the more comfortable it will be to rock in them. And also in small rooms. However, they can also be placed in smaller bedrooms. Being suspended offers a greater sense of lightness than an armchair, so it can be an ideal way to have a cozy corner in the bedroom, visually less cluttering the space. Of course, you have to calculate well the distance needed for balancing and rotation.

Technical requirements. Although usually, when we think of hanging chairs, we immediately think of them in a garden, porch, or terrace, in reality, they can also be installed indoors. It is only necessary to take the appropriate preventive measures. "Before installation, it is recommended to consult with the home builder or an architect, which would be the best option for fixing. Depending on the type of ceiling, you can use metal anchors, chemical anchors, or, in cases where the house has metal beams, you can even weld rings directly to the beams from which the chair can be suspended," explains Cristina Simón of Expormim, the firm that sells the design shown in the image. It is also essential to choose a good material for hanging them, from rope to iron chains or plastic materials. The Náutica model, designed by Mut Design, is made of rattan, a flexible and light material but at the same time very sturdy and resistant, which makes the chair very soft but able to bear a lot of loads. The fact that the piece does not weigh much will always be an advantage in anchoring it.

Its design. Precisely because of its lightness, many models are made with natural fibers. This type of design usually provides the environment with a rustic, biological, or romantic aesthetic, as seen in the three previous proposals. However, it is also possible to find models with a more modern aesthetic and even somewhat industrial cut, like this one we see here. Perfectly accompanied by other elements with a contemporary solid flavor, such as the bench at the foot of the bed, the bedside table and lamp, the arrangement of books on the floor, or the bed itself, it is the undisputed star of the bedroom. Its ideal complement: textiles. They are the essential accessory for indoor chairs, as they invite even more relaxation and trance. So the more excellent they are, the better. Add some cushions to make it more comfortable, especially if it is made of wicker or rattan. In this case, you can also cover it with some sheepskins, as has been done here. You will never want to get up—the essential piece of a modern rustic atmosphere. Here the decoration is summarized to the essentials with a commitment to monochrome paint and textiles, in whites and grays, combined with natural materials such as wood and vegetable fibers. Again, such a simple basic as wicker, together with iron, helps to configure a balanced rustic but at the same time contemporary atmosphere.

A resource for zoning and connecting spaces. In this bedroom, the hanging chair has been located in an accessible area that has become a rest and reading area, complementary and independent of the room. Thus, although the chair is not literally inside the room, it is. The room has incorporated a passage area as a relaxation corner for the bedroom with this location. A knowledgeable decision with which it has been possible to create an intimate atmosphere in a passage environment by using a hot model with a handcrafted aesthetic.

And to reinforce transitions. In this room, where natural materials are the main protagonists, it has been chosen to combine it with the wood paneling that separates the toilet area from the bedroom and thus becomes a transitional element that gives much dynamism to the distribution. It is made of wicker, making the piece stand out even more over the sliding wooden door, looking as if it were even illuminated. In a children's bedroom, for them and you. The hanging chairs are also a hundred percent winning bet to decorate the room of the smallest of the house, which they also enjoy a lot because rocking relaxes them as much or more than an adult. In this case, a tip: think of you hanging out with them in their room. If it has your dimensions and not theirs, you can enjoy it.

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