Indian style: How to use poufs, rugs, and cushions throughout the home

Indian style: How to use poufs, rugs, and cushions throughout the home

Get a serene, Indian-inspired look without sacrificing exotic prints.

The carpets and textiles originating in India stand out for the profusion of colors, which should not scare those looking for a bohemian decor. Choose the shades that best suit your style and integrate them on a neutral background. Remember that to avoid the feeling of chaos, the colors you choose should not compete but complement each other. With these expert ideas, get a very exotic and cheerful atmosphere, yes, but in a relaxed key.

  1. A serene Indian corner

What you need. A neutral base and pieces of noble materials such as wood. In detail. We associate India with the intensity of vibrant colors. However, this space demonstrates that there is also another, calmer Indian decoration: peaceful, elegant and without stridency. Neutral colors on which to add chromatic value and exoticism, with a patchwork-style pouf in the same tones as the rest of the textiles.

  1. A Mediterranean foyer with an exotic touch

What you need. A handmade tapestry and a bare wall. In detail. Natural materials add warmth and functionality. The tapestry acts as a rug but is not excessive or pompous. The entrance conveys a bohemian and relaxed air by giving prominence and visual weight to the floor.

  1. An outdoor living room

What you need. Poufs are essential pieces of Indian decoration. In addition to their functionality as additional seating, they have a bohemian essence and original design. In detail. Take a look at this chill-out corner. You will only need a few plants here and there to achieve the desired exotic effect.

  1. A comfortable living area

What you need. For starters, cushions are the decorative base of this space. In addition, light walls and soft tones in general. In detail. Here, the aesthetic harmony is achieved thanks to the balance provided by the terracotta tiles and the soft styles of the armchair, walls, and carpet. Hand in hand with original prints complementary to each other, the cushions are responsible for providing an exotic note to the room.

  1. A bohemian bedroom

What you need. Textiles and pieces in warm tones provide an immediate feeling of comfort. In detail. We see a lot of materials and different patterns. However, the surface is one of peace and harmony; we do not perceive a saturated space. This is due, precisely, to the color shared by the different geometric and floral prints.

  1. A living room full of color

What you need. A large carpet is the perfect element to transform the decor and the perception of space. In addition, to delimit the room, the rug is the decisive decorative element.

In detail. Far from saturating the whole, a warm and harmonious combination of bohemian inspiration is appreciated, adapting its coloring to the sofa upholstery and the rest of the decorative objects.

  1. A relaxing bath

What you need. Be inspired by the cultural richness of India and turn your bathroom into an exotic retreat. All you have to do is choose a multicolored rug: it will add personality and comfort in detail. The white frame of the bathroom, along with elements such as the bathtub and faucets, provide a modern counterpoint to the bohemian style of the textiles.

  1. A garden inspired by the temples of Kanchipuram

What you need. Rugs are also for spring and summer. Terraces and gardens are the perfect settings for creating the ideal lounging corner. In detail. Don't be afraid to go for different colors and patterns. If you are looking for an exotic but classic result, opt for various kimlima-type models. However, for more excellent resistance to high temperatures and humidity, choose those made of vegetable fibers or cotton.

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