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How to stuff your bar stool seats?

Logo Seating with a Logo Bar Stool made by Richardson Seating
We stuff our signature series bar stools with foam and cotton.  The foam is great by itself in lower priced items, but when you want it to be extra comfy and retain its shape for years to come, there is nothing better than using cotton.  The price of cotton is reasonable compared to its synthetic competiors.  We4 prefer to make every thing out natural products as much as possible.  We use reguarl 2x4s and plywood.  We use steel tubing and steel plates.  OUr furniture is actually pretty simple styles with fancy uphonlstery.  Our styles were made decades ago by the founder Harry.  They were perfected by John Bauer and Nicola Hodorovich.  Eventually, a new champion arrived but we will keep his name to ourselves.

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