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How to do reupholstery for restaurant furniture

Reupholstery Services for Commercial Furniture in Chicago
Richardson Seating now offers reupholstery services.  I wanted to use this article to go into a little more detail of what types of services we can provide.  The simplest service is putting new vinyl on an existing seat.  Depending on your preference, we can remove all of the original staples, or if you want to keep costs down, you will let us staple over the old vinyl.  We can remove every inch of it, or we can cut it quickly with a knife.  If we cut it with a knife, we can remove the old vinyl and replace it with new vinyl using the existing wood and foam.  If you would like new wood or new foam or if we don't feel comfortable putting your old seat back into service it would be best to buy a totally new seat.  We can cut plywood to the exact size of your old seat, we can cut foam to the original size.  You can choose the softness and the thickness of the foam if you want, but we will have recommendations.  We can also upholster back rests of certain chairs and booth seats.  We will be able to let you know by going back and forth with pictures what we think it will take and how much it will cost.  At the moment we are only considering big jobs but as we get better and more efficient we may be able to do small jobs too.

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