How to assemble a chrome bar stool frame

How to assemble a chrome bar stool frame

This video shows you how to put together one of our double ring bar stool frames.  A single ring frame is pretty similar so hopefully this will help with both.  If you still need help after watching this video, please message us.  We also offer most items fully assembled if you don't want to put it together.  Below are links to the assembly instruction of our 3 most popular bar stools.   All of our other bar stools ship fully assembled.  If you aren't sure, just ask.

Single Ring Chrome Bar Stool Assembly Instructions

Double Ring Chrome Bar Stool Assembly Instructions
Round Seat with a Back Assembly Instructions

One of the tricks to assembling the frame correctly is assembling it loose with the bolts attached but not tightened. You stand the frame on a flat surface and then tighten the bolts while the legs are stable. If after you are done it rocks a little bit, you can usually adjust it by slightly bending the legs a few millimeters. Often times the floor is uneven so make sure you are assembling on a flat surface. The video is really helpful for a double ring bar stool but essentially it should be helpful for a single ring bar stool too. They are almost the same except the double ring frame has extra holes on the inside of the legs to attach the second ring.
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Thank you so much, Curt! This really helped my kids and I build my husband’s Christmas present. Thanks for the info!


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