How many bar stools do I need?

How many bar stools do I need?

One of the most important decisions when buying bar stools for your home or for your bar is to figure out how many bar stools you need.  Most people recommend allowing 9-11 inches between swivel bar stools and at least 6 inches between non swivel bar stools.  Many of our higher end bar stools are 21 inch wide swivel commercial bar stools.  If you have a 20 foot bar, we would suggest 8 or 9 of our 21" swivel bar stools.  For a 7 foot bar, we would recommend 3 bar stools. Feel free to message us if you need any help figuring out how many bar stools you need for your given space.  Just send us the width of the bar stool, and the length of your bar.   

Most bars are 42 inches tall and go with 30 inch bar stools.  Most home counters are 36 inches and go with 24 inch bar stools.  The general rule is that you want the bar stool to be about 12 inches shorter than your counter.  The same thing goes with chairs.  Most chairs have a seat height of 18 inches and go with 30 inch high tables.

Another important factor to consider when deciding how many bar stools to get is whether they swivel or not.  If they don't swivel, you need less room between each stool.  If they do swivel, you need enough room for two stools to swivel towards each other and not touch.

Most of the bar stools that we make are upholstered swivel bar stools with backs.  These bar stools are pretty wide and you would typically need a unit or 2 less than if you were using your standard ladder back metal bar stool.

If you aren't sure how many you need, the best way to actually figure it out is to buy the bar stools and actually line them up at the bar.  This may seem a little crazy but you should always buy at least one extra.  You can use it in the office or something.  When you have a bar stool that gets ripped, you can pull out your extra and use it while you are getting your other one fixed or buying a new one.  If it turns out that you mismeasured, you have that extra bar stool to stuff in and you can get some piece of junk for the office.  It is always better to biuy extra especially if you are bu9ing an import.  If you are buying from a company like ours you don't really need to buy extra units unless you are using a special vinyl that may not be available.  If you are using normal materials, we can typically get something with the same dye 20 years later.  Unless you furniture has faded, it will be a great match.

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