Should I Buy Furniture Made in the USA?

Should I Buy Furniture Made in the USA?

Why do we choose to call one place home and another office? What sets them apart?

The furniture!

You walk into a room and instantly you know what it is. You don’t need someone to tell you or a name template exclaiming its designation. The arrangement of the furniture speaks for itself. A bedroom doesn’t look the same as a living room. The office break room and executive lounge don’t share the same chairs.

The importance of furniture cannot go unnoticed. It captures the essence of a space that doesn’t have an identity of its own. It narrates the lives of people who spend their lives with it. Their choices, their preferences, and their daily adventures.

Yet, sometimes the other side of the story remains unheard. The tireless efforts and the countless hours spent perfecting every edge. And most of all what could be more special than the heart the workers put in for their fellow countrymen.

Therein lies the beauty of brotherhood and patriotism and what American made furniture means.

Here are a few reasons why you should buy furniture made in the USA.


Buying furniture is similar to a long term investment. You want your woodwork to accompany you for many years to come. It becomes a part of your home. It captures memories and special moments.

From your kids jumping on the bed, spilling drinks on the long table at Thanksgiving, to falling asleep on the couch after a long day at work.

This is what makes furniture made in the USA special – a solid, lasting companionship.

With some of the most skilled craftsmen in the world at work, American made furniture is a promise of excellence and durability. Made out of the finest selection of wood, it designed to endure difficult conditions.

American furniture is far superior in quality.

It goes through a whole certification process from third parties that guarantee the safety and reliability of the product. Every US product upholds a standard like none other.

Uplifting the US Economy

The manufacturing sector is one of the biggest contributors to the US economy. But over recent years, millions of jobs have been lost due to companies choosing to produce their goods in other countries at lower costs.

Unfortunately, the furniture market has also taken to this trend. Cheaper labor and sub-quality products abroad has forced local craftsmen out of work.

For so many, this has meant that they cannot realize their American dream. Hard work and dedication are the tickets to any man’s success, which is core to the values so dear to Americans.

For a thriving America, it is necessary that its workers are valued. For every job in the manufacturing sector, five more jobs are created in related industries such as logistics and research.

Moreover, US laborers are protected by laws and organizations that ensure that they are paid fairly. So when one buys Union made furniture, they can be sure that its architect receives his due credit.

Protecting the Environment

Globally, rapid rates of development have come at the cost of damage to the environment. As a result, forests are being cleared out at an alarming rate.

Companies are more focused on reducing costs and inflating profits in the short term.

Furniture made in the USA does not compromise on nature’s well-being. There are regulations in place, that protect the trees in America. Hence, wooden furniture is manufactured on eco-friendly and sustainable terms.

Similarly, a huge amount of imports from distant countries negatively impacts the environment. Sea and air transport of cargo has significantly increased pollution over the years as air and safety standards continue to decline.

Furniture made within the country not only protects forests but also plays its part in lessening the pollution burden of the world.

Convenience of the Customer

Delivering furniture from other countries can often result in a lengthy waiting time. Finally, when it does arrive and it doesn’t seem to be what you ordered or has been damaged on the way. A hassle no one wants to go through.

Choosing American made furniture saves you from the trouble. It can be delivered to you in a matter of a few days. You can even visit the shop to check out the product firsthand. And in case, you are not satisfied or there is something you would like changed, it’s an easy process.

But that’s not even the best part of it.

If you have a specific product in mind that doesn’t seem to be available anywhere – you can have it tailor-made, exactly as it suits you!

You can contact the craftsman or have one visit you and be amazed at how you can have customized furniture according to your taste.


American made furniture represents much more than just an item of decoration or daily use.

It is crafted by the best workers using the highest quality material. The environment is protected and the customer satisfied. The workers are justly compensated. It drives the homes of thousands of hardworking families.

Every piece of furniture in your home or office is in appreciation of the values that the people of America cherish.

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