Flash trends: Leather re-conquers home furnishings

Flash trends: Leather re-conquers home furnishings

The rise of vintage is driving leather, a material that ages and becomes more attractive.

Those who appreciate the strength and durability of materials are pleased with how leather furniture ages, without diminishing its charm, but gaining in elegance and refinement with every wrinkle, crease, and mark of the period, leather gains in personality and beauty. Even the tone of the leather changes with time, darkening as it softens. Below, we have selected some of the most interesting recent proposals for you.

Philippe Starck said it a few years ago: heritage is everything when it comes to sustainability. Is there anything more sustainable than having a piece of furniture that is passed on from generation to generation in good condition? That is precisely the main characteristic of leather furniture; a commitment that, on the other hand, demands fidelity and loyalty from the owner.

We see the Privé sofa by Philippe Starck for Cassina in this image. He designed it some time ago, but it was not until recently that it was put on the market. It is sold in various sizes and configurations. Still, the retro air that gives it the capitonné together with the steely profiles of the black leather have made it a must-have of contemporary interior design.

This piece unifies two trends since the wing chair is a classic that is back in fashion. A revisited element also shows that there is no reason to stick to natural tones when it comes to leather. This reading or lounge chair in blue is a joy for the back and the eyes. The Meridiana chair by Christophe Pillet for Driade is already an icon of contemporary design, but we only knew its plastic version until today. Now it has been upgraded to a leather-upholstered version. The presence of color, with leather dyed in red, blue, or green, has completely transformed the aesthetics of the seat.

For the design of the Vico sofa, Jaime Hayon studied the Cassina archives of the 1950s and 1960s to analyze every detail and transfer them in a contemporary way to this sofa with sinuous and enveloping lines that have resulted in the perfect marriage between the designer's DNA and that of the famous Italian firm. The designs acquire a more solemn, serious, and forceful air when a black piece is chosen. For example, we have the Lotus Comfort work chair by Jasper Morrison for Cappellini, one of those pieces of impeccable artistry that works both for an office and the living room. An all-rounder chair. This is the Assaya armchair and footrest by Satyendra Pakhalé for Poltrona Frau. It can be used with a small table and tray perfect for accommodating a laptop, so this comfortable piece allows you to work at home or relax after a hectic day.

In the natural tones of the leather, depending on whether you opt for ochre, tobacco, or lighter shades, the range goes from a more classic or conservative air to a touch of absolute contemporaneity. This is the case of the Motek chair by Luca Nichetto for Cassina. Lines of absolute simplicity in the natural tone of the leather and contrast with the dark legs are a success that fits well in any elegant dining room. Again, an archetype reminiscent of times past that is updated in the details but retains the craftsmanship. This leather chair with an elmwood frame, sturdy and light simultaneously, is a design by Dick van Hoff for Thomas Eyck called Leather armchair.

A pouf like this helps to bring some fantasy to any space. The idea is that from a base and a structure that works as a backrest, you can configure the seat with any fabric you want. Or with a nice piece of leather, as seen in the image. It is called Oasis and is a design by Atelier Oï for Moroso. A radical proposal for souls thirsty for novelty and surprise. Leather treated like crumpled paper is an option that only the brave will accept. It is called Ginza and was designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana for Edra. Tradition, refinement, and functionality, characteristics of the house of Hermès, have been masterfully interpreted by the great magician of light, designer Michele de Lucchi, in this exquisite collection called Pantographe. The use of leather in lamps is not the most common, but there is no doubt that it is a success.

Adrian Peach's Kant desk for Frag is the chicest desk ever, with a double-height that accommodates storage bins. Solid beech legs and copper-finished steel accents finish this understated yet emphatic piece. This is Jean-Michel Frank's U coffee table reissued by Hermès. Only a company dedicated to meticulous craftsmanship and maximum execution excellence could reproduce this perfectionist designer's furniture to the core. His designs are timeless classics, born at the beginning of the 20th century to survive generations. We finish with another Cassina sofa, the Scighera model by Piero Lissoni. Absolute relaxation maximum comfort, Is achieved through generous proportions, large armrests, and a folding headrest for those who make the sofa their battlefield.

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