Fire and Ice Bar Stool Jim Pollock and Joey Feldman

Fire and Ice Bar Stools by Jim Pollock and Joey Feldman

Check out these cool custom printed bar stools.  One of my favorite recent projects was a collaboration with Joey Feldman and Jim Pollock.  They are two of my favorite artists.  I have been following Pollock for 20+ years.  He is the most popular artist to make prints for Phish shows.  I own several pieces of his art.  Joey I learned about more recently.  I have a few pieces from him too.  My favorite is the Purple Jerry set that I have which no one knows about.  Maybe someone will actually read this.  Joey and Jim worked together on a very cool project doing blue and red fire and ice fish.  Jim did the fish and Joey did the background color.  They worked perfectly as bar stools too.  Jim has two and Joey has two and that's all that was made.  Hopefully very soon Phish will start touring again and I will once again be able to collect Jim's concert art.  I did just get a new piece in the mail the other day.  It was a charity piece called its We're all in this together
Fire and Ice Bar Stools artwork of Jim Pollock and Joey Feldman
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