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Earn crypto while you eat

I just spent $10.00 at Taco Bell.  I used Apple Pay which is hooked up to my Coinbase debit card.  My Coinbase Debit card is attached to my US Dollar coin account on Coinbase.  The $10.00 transaction earned $.40 worth of Stellar Lumen because it has a 4% cashback if you select XLM as the reward token.   You can also select Bitcoin and several others.  I thought the 4% using XLM was the best option.

You can also use the debit card directly and pay for things.  I keep very little in the account but I can transfer money instantly if I need access to more.  It is very cool that one day the Stellar Lumens may be worth more than the $10.00 worth of Taco Bell that I bought.

Earn crypto while you eat


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