Donut Bar Stool for Phans of Phish

Donut Bar Stool for Phans of Phish

Jon Fishman and his wife sitting on Donut Bar Stools Made by Richardson Seating

About 3 years ago I came up with the idea of making a Donut bar stool.  My favorite band is Phish and my company makes bar stools so it just kind of made sense.  I started giving them away in a few of the Facebook Phish groups for winners of contests.  It was a fun way to get some publicity for our company.  One day I received a message from Jon's wife asking if they could have a few donut stools for their store in Maine.  Obviously I was flattered and made them right away.  They are pictured here.  When she asked how much she owed, I told her that I was a huge Phan and didn't want payment.  I just wanted a picture of Jon and her enjoying the bar stools.  This is one of my all time favorite pictures.  My favorite drummer in my favorite band sitting on something my company made.  It has been a few years so I bet they probably need new ones.  If you guys need new ones at the Lincolnville General Store, please let me know.  They are on me.  Here is a link to the bar stool. 

Now in the spirit of the Phish scene, we will consider all interesting trades in addition to your charge card.  Trades must be legal.  Weed is legal in Illinois.  Just saying.  There aren't going to be any shows in 2020 so get the ultimate donut bar stools seat for couch tour.  We offer the donut bar stool in 30 inch height and 24 inch height and we can do both with and without a back.  Who would have ever thought we would need to go this long without a live Phish show?  I assume you have saved up tons of cash by not traveling, seeing shows, or staying in hotels and camping.  Use that saved loot on a brand new bar stool.

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