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Custom Printed Logo Tables American Made

Custom Logo Table by Richardson Seating Chicago
We offer custom printed logo tables.  The laminate sheets start out 4 feet by 8 feet so we can make pretty much any size you would need.  We can do round tables, square tables, and oval.  We can do rectangular with hard corners and with rounded corners.  We offer several different edges for the table.  Pictured is a black bumper edge which is the most cost effective.  We can also do chrome fool and grooved aluminum.  We can do bar height tables like you see pictured, we can do counter height and we can do table height.  We can even do tables that change height.  If you need a table that is 42" but want be able to lower to be ADA compliant we have got you covered.  There are several ways to make a logo table but there is only one good way.  We use what's referred to as an HPL or High Pressure Laminate.  It is like a Formica counter top and just as durable.  The imprint is impregnated into the table top in a way that the logo won't scratch off.  It becomes part of the table.  The vendor who achieves this magic is Wilsonart.  In addiition to doing logo tables, we can also make tables with any standard laminate from Wilsonart and any laminate from Formica.  We can print spot colors or CMYK.  We are only limited by our creativity.  If you would like to get a matching set, we can have the table match the bar stool color.  Logo table tops and bar stools are proudly manufactured in Chicago, Illinois USA.

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