Custom-made benches at home: Why order one and where to place it?

Custom-made benches at home: Why order one and where to place it?

What types of custom benches are available for the home?

The benches can be adapted to different spaces and include doors in the lower area or drawers. As for their opening, they can also be opened as if they were a trunk, either from the top or from the front.

If the opening is frontal, it is essential not to use opening systems (knobs, handles) that protrude because they collide with the user's legs and are uncomfortable. In which room of the house does a custom-made bench fit?

The area where our customers most often ask us is for the kitchen office. I think there is something magical in a kitchen with a dining area and a custom-made bench. Another different solution for decoration is to combine a spot of chairs with a customized bar in the dining room. Undoubtedly, the best space to place it, if it is a more decorative and storage use, is under a window; in the living room, if you have space, it is a luxury. You will increase the seating space in case of a visit; you can use it for reading and storage; it can also be opened and used as a low bookcase.

You also like custom-made benches under the bedroom window. Can you imagine being able to sit and look out from your bedroom and enjoy a nice view? Not only will you create a romantic space, but you will also take advantage of the storage space under the bench. Another exciting place to place a custom bench? The entrance hall! They are perfect for barefoot and completing the space. They also work well in children's play and study areas; they are ideal for storing toys and dressing up children's rooms.

How do you decorate a custom-made bench to make it comfortable?

Undoubtedly, the essential elements of a custom-made bench are textiles. The most advisable is to order a bespoke cushion for the seat and fix it with Velcro. It will be even more comfortable if we look for another one for the backrest or complete it with loose cushions. Choose everything with removable covers and easy to wash, and if it is in suffering tones better.

What are the recommended measurements for a custom-made bench at home?

Regarding the dimensions, do not exceed the standard size of a chair. For example, calculate 45/48 (free depth, without cushions) by 45/48 cm (total height including cushion, if any). Calculate at least 60 cm per person regarding the length - ideally 70 cm.

Keep in mind that if it is too high, your legs could get hung up, and if it is too deep, you will need lumbar support because your back must rest against the wall or mat. Also, calculate that if the custom-made bench is for a kitchen office, you will have to leave about 25 cm of space between the table and the bar to enter. Ideally, the table should not be too heavy because it tends to move all the time to access the bench. Make sure that it will slide well; for that, some felts can help. And remember: the table must tuck legs or a central foot to facilitate the circulation of the bench.

How much can a custom bench cost on average at home, and what material do I choose?

As materials, opt for wood with natural veneer or lacquered MDF; you can also opt for a laminate to make the bench more resistant and economical.

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